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When buying a flight suit from us, all flight suits for sale are custom made to order and feature triple stitching, YKK Zippers, Italian or US Pocket design and come with a one year warranty against poor workmanship, color fade, broken zippers and loose stitching. Having your suite lose quality is just unacceptable to us as these high-quality suits are built to last you years. These suites are made out of nomex. Nomex is similar to nylon but is more rigid and durable. It is an excellent thermal, chemical, and radiation resistant material that will protect you from many dangers in flight.

Evolution is going to change the way Flight Suits have been made and sold in the USA. For far too long the quality has been sub-par compared to other countries like Italy. Next time you look to buy a flight suit, take a look at a flight suit that is guaranteed to last. Take a look at Evolutions flight suits.

To order a flight suit with us, please call us at 321-821-4724.

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