Aviation Helmet Repair Is a Top Priority

After years of use, ware & tear begins to show on your flight helmet. But do you replace it with a new one or does it just need servicing? If your helmet still has many more "miles" left, you can have it serviced to replace worn out or non functioning parts.

To Repair or Not to Repair?

Repairing your flight helmet might be the right option if you're experiencing issues with your helmet. Sometimes, it could be the result of a bad part that can be replaced to have it functioning like new again. Is the outside looking like you just came out of a Call of Duty mission? You can have it repainted. Making the decision for your aviation helmet repair can save you a bunch over purchasing a brand new helmet.

Aviation Helmet Repair Can Have It Working Like New

Evolution Helmets has an extensive repair facility capable of complete rebuilding services for almost all helmets worn by pilots. Our specialization is in the Evolution series Helmets, but we can also work on the MSA Gallet, Gentex and Alpha series helmets. You can trust the helmet experts who share your love of flying and piloting!

We've Got You Covered, Literally

We have a huge inventory of stocked parts for all aviation helmet repair to refurbish your equipment to your liking. We also have an in-house paint shop and paint formulation, communications cord manufacturing facility, machine shop, sewing shop, and complete ALSE section! No matter what repair your helmet needs, our team of experts here at Evolution Helmets will help make it as good as new.

The Need for...Sound?

Sound acting a little wonky? Evolution Helmets patented the BOSE and LIGHTSPEED installation kit for the SPH-4 and SPH-5, and can add a Bose A20 the correct way into your existing helmet or a new one.

“Heading” Into the Conclusion

Of course, there are many factors to consider and go over to determine if a aviation helmet repair is right for you. Here at Evolution Helmets, we can assist you with making this important decision . Fill out our contact form or call us at 321-821-4724 or email us at [email protected].