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CEP Kit - Complete with Tips

CEP Kit - Complete with Tips

Part Number: EVO-416
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P/N: CEP508-KO4

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The CEP is a device that is used to provide hearing protection and high-quality speech communications to the user. The CEP consists of a pair of elements used to provide a passive noise attenuating barrier between the users ear and the noise source and provide monaural voice communications signals to each ear.

Each element consists of a housing that contains a dynamic earphone transducer and a foam earplug tip. The transducer is directly connected into the communications system through a small, highly flexible coaxial wire with overall diameter of less than 1.6 mm (0.063 inches). Outer covering of the wire will be polyurethane to reduce hardening effects caused by contact with various chemicals.  The construction of the wire uses an alloy that is designed to reduce flexure breaks, extending the life of the product.  

The foam earplug tip provides sound attenuation for the user when fit into the ear canals. The earplug tip has an internal threaded insert that extends through the center from the base to near the tip and mates with the threaded adapter on the transducer housing. The speech signal produced by the transducer is directly coupled into the occluded portion of the ear canal through the 1.3-mm (0.051-inch) channel in the threaded adapter and foam earplug tip.

The CEP unit is connected into the helmet communications circuit through an SMB type connector. The CEP-helmet-interface consist of a mating SMB coaxial recessed bulkhead jack receptacle that is connected, via 254 mm (8 inch) length of RG-174 coaxial cable, to the communications circuit inside the right earcup. The CEP-helmet-interface connection to the communications circuit includes a voltage divider network that adjust the speech output sound level at the ear to similar levels produced by the HGU-56/P helmet. Modifications will not reduce the sound attenuation characteristics of the helmet when worn alone or affect the speech output level of the helmet earphone earcup system.

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