Sometimes called a "bone dome," the EVO 052 helmet is a customized pilot helmet personalized to elevate your flight experience.  With this helmet, you'll have protection inside and out while feeling comfortable and protected. Other helmets do not offer what the EVO line does.  

Snug-fitting pilot helmets are an essential part of the job. You could be putting yourself and others at risk without the right fit.  AVI EVO Helmets are the best in the industry. Just ask around, as most pilots will tell you these are the safest and most secure. View more details and add to cart for your new helmet and remain safe in the friendly skies.


Options for the EVO 052 Helmet  

There are lots of great options for the EVO 052 helmet. With the following modifications on your new helmet, you won't need any others:  

  • Visors  
  • Colors 
  • Lenses  
  • Communication  
  • Microphone  
  • NVG options   

With an EVO helmet, there will be no reason to replace it, as they can last for many years, given the proper maintenance.

Visors and Accessories

The EVO 052 helmet is a single-visor helmet that is very versatile. With different visor options, it can be customized to your tastes.  

 This holiday season, make sure you put this EVO helmet on your list and get AVI EVO Helmets to send it to your home.  

EVO Helmet Bags

If your current helmet is dinged up or cracked, it may not work effectively when you need it, and that is why helmet bags are vital. With a helmet bag for your EVO 052 helmet, the last thing you must worry about are scratches and dings.  AVI EVO Helmets delivers quality helmets created with the pilot's best interest in mind. Refrain from relying on your current helmet if it's damaged. Go with the replacement that will be more effective. 



With the color options for the EVO 052 helmet, you'll be amazed at how unique this helmet can be.  We do custom paint jobs in-house to make your EVO helmet stick out from other pilot helmets. This also makes it easier for ranking and personalization purposes.  

  • Power Red  Caution Orange (+$100.00)  
  • Olive Drab Green (+$150.00)  
  • Metallic Forest Green  
  • Kawasaki Green  
  • Metallic Blue Pearl  
  • Navy Blue  
  • Coast Guard Blue  
  • Aqua Marine (Blue/Green)  
  • Purple Metallic (Chrysler Prowler)  
  • FBI Grey (+$150.00)  
  • Silver Light Metallic  
  • Titanium Dark Silver  
  • White  White with Pearl (+$50.00)  
  • Black  Sand  Custom color - Please provide automobile paint code (call or email) 

EVO 052 Helmet Sizes

When you purchase your EVO 052 helmet from AVI EVO Helmets, you don't have to worry about sizing options because we've got you covered, literally.  

Our helmet sizes range in the following areas:

  • Medium 21 to 22 
  • Large 22.6 to 23.2
  • Large 23.3 to 23.9
  • XL 24 and up 

Please refer to our HELMET SIZE CHART for more information on how to get the correct size for your dome.  

Communication Systems

Communication systems are effective when used correctly. This is essential for any EVO 052 helmet because a pilot must interact with the ground crew and passengers to remain safe. 

  • Hardwired - BOSE A20 STRAIGHT HELI (+$1,400.00)
  • Hardwired - BOSE A20 STRAIGHT GA (+$1,400.00)  
  • Hardwired - BOSE A20 STRAIGHT LEMO (+$1,400.00) 

You'll be able to turn this helmet into a whole-functional system with different microphones and other communication accessories.  

AVO EVO Helmet Warriors  

The EVO 052 helmet is the best in its class. No wonder why they are a top-seller in the industry.  So, if you are looking for a rugged helmet that fits comfortably and looks great, make your next order to AVI EVO Helmets.  We make pilots look good and feel good, too! For more information on these and other types of EVO helmets, contact our customer service department at [email protected] and learn more about how they will keep you flying safely.