EVO Helmets are top-of-the-line helmets made for pilots who risk their lives every day. If your helmet is cracked and starting to age, AVI Aviation Helmets carry all types and sizes.  

A cracked helmet is not going to do you any good because it will only interfere with your communication and be very uncomfortable.  You should never try to alter the state of your current helmet because that will only put your safety at risk and make you vulnerable to accidents.  

Let AVI Helmets be your trusted dealer for pilot accessories and more. Our prices are competitive, and so are our products. 

 What Are EVO Helmets?  

Introducing the game-changing EVO helmets. Say goodbye to adapters with our innovative cable quick disconnect feature.  You choose the connector your aircraft needs, plug it in, and take off. With over 20 cables available, including: 

  • Fisher Plug 
  • Russian ZSH Plug 
  • UK NATO 
  • U.S. NATO Plug 
But that's not all. Unlike other dealers, we offer a wide range of colors that won't cost you extra. There is no reason why you should have to shell more out of pocket.  Why pay more for a standard color when we'll paint your flight helmet regardless?  Elevate your style and performance with EVO, and feel confident in your role! 

Increased Safety in the Mouth of Danger  

Why do most pilots choose EVO Helmets? Because they understand the advanced features they possess, which makes them feel more secure knowing they are safe.  The protection against impact feature makes the helmet sturdier and better than others on the market.  Our helmets have been tested for impact and offer superior protection for pilots who put themselves at risk .


Breathe Easier

With an improved ventilation system, EVO Helmets are created to make the pilot feel more comfortable.  One of the biggest problems that pilots face is being uncomfortable in the air. It's not always flying the friendly skies.  EVO's ventilation system is designed to prevent fogging and other similar mishaps. You'll always be able to see what is ahead of you with an EVO on your head.  

Tilted Visors Make for Great Barrier Protection  

Speaking of seeing, EVO Helmets are equipped with tilted visors. This way, you can put the visor down when faced with direct sunlight.  Many pilots experience this daily. Getting hit with direct sunlight may make your flight experience not so great.  You can also change the visors on these helmets, as they are extremely versatile. Don't give it another thought; try AVI Aviation Helmets for better quality.  

EVO Helmet Models  

052 Vs. 152 Model  

The difference between the 052 and 152 EVO Helmets is that the 052 Model is an outer lens helmet. This helmet type is perfect for those who wear glasses but still want to utilize the visor. This helps to create a barrier and relief for pilots who are hindered.  The 052 Model features a single visor lens that is best built for those who do not wear corrective lenses.  

Difference Between the 252 and Evolution HPH Models  

The Evolution HPH helmet is the rockstar of all EVO Helmets because it is a 100% Kevlar shell.  So what? How is this helmet any different from anything else that AVI Helmets sells? This is a helmet that is built for military durability.  You won't find a stronger helmet around. At the same time, the 252 Model is a dual visor helmet that offers the ability for customization.  The reviews for the 252 say it all:  

Line Pilot: 'Best helmet I have ever worn. Light and the Bose kit is fantastic. Did you find this helpful?' (5-Stars) 

AVI Sells Helmets That Are Built Safe For Pilots  

AVI Helmets doesn't just sell EVO Helmets; we sell peace of mind. Knowing that you will be safer while flying at high altitudes will give you a sense of peace.  So experience the calmness and fly the friendly skies from now on. 

We care about our clients and would only sell products that we back 100% Safety is our number one concern for pilots, and anyone else who uses the products that we carry, your new helmet awaits! Start your adventure today with AVI Aviation Helmets