Part Number: EVO-2011
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The EVO 152 is an outer lenses helmet with one Visor. This helmet is recommended for individuals who wear prescription glasses, but also want to have an outer visor system for eye protection. Helmet offers the same features as the 252 but without the internal lens.

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EVO 152

Every pilot deserves a lightweight helmet they can use for any mission. The EVO 152 Helicopter Helmet is an innovative design that features a lightweight shell construction using fiberglass and high-strength Kevlar. The use of these materials enables the EVO helmet to be extremely light and incredibly resilient to penetration and impact. Why would you settle for anything less?

The EVO Helmet adapts to your needs with the simple Quick Release Communication Cable System & NVG Battery Mount. Easily switch your communication cable between different aircraft & no more need for the velcro to attach NVG Batteries. To learn more about the EVO 152 helmet, call us today! 

The EVO 152 is a single visor helmet and comes with your choice of Clear, Gray or Yellow outer visor. Each Evolution Helmet comes with a two-year warranty. The Communications of the EVO Helmet come with a three-year warranty. The magnetic chin strap is now standard on all EVO helmets.

  • Made in the USA
  • Innovative Quick Release Cable and NVG Battery Pack Assembly
  • Three Pad sizes: (L, XL, XXL)
  • Visor color options: smoke, yellow, clear
  • Adjustable spring-loaded outer visor
  • Rotating inner visor
  • Includes memory foam Comfort Liner by Boxell
  • Removable ear cups
  • Cloth nape pad with the stiffener (2 different thicknesses provided)
  • Adjustable leather chin strap
  • Stackable earcup spacer pad kit (8 pads supplied)
  • Removable leather edge roll (available in 3 thicknesses)
  • Removable soft outer visor protective cover
  • Communications ready
  • Cloth helmet bag with drawstring
  • Heavy duty canvas crew bag
  • Lightweight Kevlar construction
  • Low profile

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