1. EVO 252-02 With Oxygen Receivers
EVO 252-02 With Oxygen Receivers
252 With Oxygen Receivers

EVO 252-02 With Oxygen Receivers

Part Number: EVO-1712
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Dual Visor Helmet

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EVO 252 -02

The EVOLUTION Helicopter Helmet is an innovative design that features a lightweight shell construction of Kevlar and Fiberglass. The use of these materials enables the EVOLUTION to be extremely light and incredibly resilient to penetration and impact.

The EVO 252 is a dual visor helmet and comes with your choice of Clear, Gray, or yellow outer and inner visors.  Each Evolution Helmet comes with a 3 Year Warranty. The Communications of the EVO Helmet comes with a  1 or 2 Year Warranty, depending on application.  ANR systems are 1 year.

The EVO Helmet adapts to your needs with the Quick Release Communication Cable System & NVG Battery Mount. Easily switch your communication cable between different aircraft & no more need for velcro to attach NVG Batteries.

The 252-02 version adds Oxygen receivers for a variety of applications to include Respirators,  oxygen masks, and soon to be release, maxillofacial Shield. The 02 options are available on the 052, 152 and 252 helmets.  The 02 Receivers accept standard Military Bayonets.


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