Our state-of-the-art EVO HPH & XPH Dual Visor Helmets are unmatched in terms of safety and protection. Packed with a ton of next-gen features and configurations, these helmets ensure that a pilot's head is safe and well protected throughout their flight. The EVO HPH & XPH Dual Visor Helmets are designed with a durable composite structure and high-performance communication systems to ensure structural integrity and reliability in any flight scenario you may find yourself in. 

 The EVO HPH helmet was the first of our helmets to complete the Department of the Interior (DOI) approval process. This process consisted of attenuation tests, lens certifications, and impact testing by the third-party laboratory Dynamic Research Inc. The EVO XPH helmet soon followed suit and was DOI certified as well. 

 Equipped with one of these helmets, you can make any number of optimizing adjustments to ensure that it fits comfortably and securely. The passive noise reduction feature of these helmets' hearing protection offers no compromises to the safety of your ears and no increase in helmet weight. The EVO HPH & XPH Dual Visor Helmets were built to be easily maintained. Their visors are easily removable for repair or replacement, and additional parts and accessories are available for purchase from our website.

More Advantages of Our EVO HPH & XPH Dual Visor Helmets:

  • Increased pilot safety and protection 
  • Quick release action
  • Advanced noise control technology
  • Dual visor stack modified
  • Advanced volume regulation systems
  • State-of-the-art communication system
  • Built to be lightweight
  • Adjustable heavy-duty strap
  • Sleek, professional look and design
  • Manufactured right here in the USA

    Why Buy An EVO Helmet?

     Safety and protection are fundamental when operating any aircraft, which is why choosing the right helmet is crucial for all pilots. While there are many different types and brands of helmets on the market, EVO Helmets offer unrivaled protection, quality, and comfort—making them the ideal choice for any pilot. We design our helmets using the latest aerodynamic and safety technologies to provide pilots with the highest level of protection possible. 

     All of our helicopter helmets are tested and US DOI Certified. 

     From off-airport activities, aerobatic flights, and aerial application flights to public-use flights, helicopter flights, and combat engagements, some flights, and aircraft just pose higher levels of danger. In the event of a crash, there are innumerable instances where a high-quality helmet could save your life. Flying debris and broken equipment could strike and disorient you. Concussive head impacts against the cockpit dashboard or any other interior part of the plane could knock you out completely or worse. There's simply no good reason not to have a top-of-the-line helmet to protect yourself while in flight. 

     Our EVO HPH & XPH Dual Visor Helmets can provide an additional layer of head and facial protection when flying and can help protect your ears from the overwhelming noise of flight. With our wide variety of highly customizable helmets, you're sure to find the most comfortable and aesthetic choice for you.

    Choose Evolution Aviation Helmets

     Whether it's time to buy your first flight helmet or replace your old, well-worn helmet, there is only one team of aviation helmet specialists that is up to the job. Evolution Aviation Helmets is an authorized dealer and leader in aviation helmets like our EVO HPH & XPH Dual Visor Helmets. Our experts meticulously designed and crafted each and every one of our helmets for optimal safety, performance, longevity, and aesthetics. 

     Once you've bought one of our first-class helmets, our team —equipped with years of experience— can service and work with any helmet model on the market today to keep them operating at peak functionality. Whatever your budget is, we will do our best to provide a price that works best for you. 

     You can reach us through our website's Contact Us page or simply give us a call at tel:+13218214724.