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EVO-HPH/BOSE - NON-BlueTooth Version Lightweight Kevlar Helmet

EVO-HPH/BOSE - NON-BlueTooth Version Lightweight Kevlar Helmet

Part Number: EVO-1527
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Dual Visor Helicopter Helmet w/BOSE A20 ANR

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The EVO-HPH W/BOSE A20, is a lightweight all Kevlar Helmet based on the U.S. Army's Sound Protective Helmet and powered with the BOSE A20 ANR Headset. AVI along with HHC developed the installation kit which turns the AVI-HPH helmet into one of the most incredible helmets for Noise cancellation.

With The BOSE option, you get dual L/R volume control, your choice of Bluetooth or Non Bluetooth, 35 hrs of power on just 2 AA batteries and an incredible music/aux input for those that like to fly with Music.

The EVO-HPH Helmet has been tested to MIL-H-43925D and is exportable without the need of an export license. Commodity Jurisdiction CJ-0208.

The EVO-HPH/BOSE A20 comes standard with Dual Visor Assembly, Retention Assembly, BOSE Ear Cups, Bluetooth and you can select from NVG or NON-NVG versions. The EVO-HPH is a dependable design and built to last in rugged conditions.

Choose from several colors at no charge and helmet comes with Helmet Bag. High or Low Impedance available. Select your options when building your helmet.

All EVO-HPH Helmets are made in America and are custom built to order.

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