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EVO Jade Gradient Lenses
Jade Gradient on EVO 252

EVO Jade Gradient Lenses

Part Number: EVO-1100
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AVI Survival is proud to introduce a new product for the EVO series Helmet: Gradient Lenses!  These are made of high-quality Polycarbonate and coated to meet the high demand of aviation pilots who demand the best. The Jade Gradient Lens has a highly effective Multi-Color finish and comes in two configurations, which are the inner lens for the EVO 052 and 252. These lenses are also compatible with the MSA Gallet LH050, LH250, and the LA100 Helmet. Outside lenses can be selected in the options page and are designed for the EVO 152 and 252 Helmet.  The outside lens will also fit as a direct replacement for the MSA Gallet LH-250 and LA-100 helmet. All Lenses have been tested to MIL-V-43511C standard and come with a one year warranty against breakage. However, note that scratches are not warrantied. The Gradient Series lenses are tinted for greater sun protection and come in four colors.

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