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EVO RUBY RED Gradient Lenses
Chrome Gradient on EVO 052

EVO RUBY RED Gradient Lenses

Part Number: EVO-1880
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Fits all Evo helmets and Retro- Fits LXL MSA Gallet

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Feature RUBY RED EVO Lens
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Red Helicopter Helmet Gradient Lenses/ Visor. New for the EVO Helmet. These Polycarbonate lenses are made in several Gradients for bright Light reduction which reduce pilot fatigue while flying on sunny days. The EVO Gold Gradient Lenses provide amazing protection from the natural elements pilots may experience while in flight. They aren't typical lenses, they are extremely stylish!

Gradient lenses are tinted from top top bottom, and the top is typically the darkest and blocks the most light. A pilot may choose gradient lenses so that the sunlight is blocked but they can see the controls below them.

Select from Inner location or Outer location on your helmet. 052 and 252 Helmets will hold inner lenses, and the 152 and 252 will hold outer lenses. (Outer Lenses are $30.00 additional)

All Gradient lenses will also fit the MSA Gallet series helmets.

All Lenses have been tested to MIL-V-43511C.

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