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EVO XPH NVG - Mount not included


Part Number: EVO1678
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Dual Visor Helmet

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This low-profile, velcro-free EVOLUTION XPH aviation helmet is an innovative design that features a lightweight shell construction of both Kevlar and Fiberglass. The EVOLUTION is extremely light, sleek,  and incredibly resilient to penetration and impact. It is also considered to be one of  the thickest helmet shells at 3mm, twice that of any other helmet brand and equal to the EVO 052,152 and 252. It can also adapt to your needs due to the brand new Quick Release Communication Cable System as well as NVG battery mount which work together to ensure that you can easily switch the cable between different aircrafts. In terms how the structure of the helmet provides support, the base includes memory foam comfort liner by Boxell which in turns allows for Removable ear cups/ hush kit combo, Stackable earcup spacer pad kit (8 pads supplied),., and also  Adjustable heavy duty leather chin strap, rated to 440lbs pull.  Since it is a dual lens helmet, it comes with a choice of either a gray, clear, or yellow outer and inner visor. Keep in mind that each of the EVO Helmet and communications come with a stacked 1, 2 and 5 Year Warranty.

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