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General Aviation to Helicopter Adapter
General Aviation to Helicopter adapter

General Aviation to Helicopter Adapter

Part Number: EVO-455
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General aviation adapter to Helicopter single plug, U174U.  Allows the owners of General Aviation headsets to convert their headsets for use in a Helicopter. Are you a helicopter pilot looking to use your General Aviation headset in the cockpit? Look no further than the General Aviation to Helicopter Adapter! This aviation adapter cable conveniently allows you to convert your general aviation headset into a single plug U174U fitting, meaning you don't have to purchase an entirely new headset for use with helicopters. Save time and money with this great tool. The lightweight, easy-to-install device ensures that your general aviation headset is suitable for both general aviation and helicopter single-plug U174U aircraft. Get the most out of your headsets and make flying easier with General Aviation to Helicopter Adapter; whether you're a weekend warrior or a full-time professional pilot, experience seamless connectivity when changing between general aviation and helicopters with this one simple yet essential aviation adapter cable!

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