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Government Issue Nomex Flight Gloves
Double Stiched Nomex Flight Gloves

Government Issue Nomex Flight Gloves

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Original Military Issue Nomex Flight Glove

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Government-Issue Nomex Flight Gloves

For pilots looking for a durable, sturdy flight glove that offers a sturdy grip, the Government-Issue Nomex Flight Gloves in our online store can help. 

These gloves are worn by Blackhawk and Apache pilots and instructors around the country, which has given them the status as a highly-reputable, quality glove.

We understand that pilots need the best aviation supplies and equipment, which is why Evolution Aviation Helmets is here to help. Our team works with leading manufacturers of aviation and training equipment to supply pilots with the materials they need on the job. 

We are happy to supply these gloves to government contractors and service members across the country and the world, as we understand the importance of a tight, non-slip glove while in the air.

About the Gloves

These gloves come packed with a variety of features that help pilots get ready for takeoff. They have thermal protection up to 700 degrees Celsius, which gives pilots the protection they need while in the air. 

Our gloves also resist wind shear, which is helpful for pilots that find themselves in heavy winds. Perhaps the most incredible feature of these gloves is their secure grip, which helps grip the throttle, flight stick, and even a weapon.

These gloves are a standard issue and comply with government standards and regulations, so they are ready for usage by contractors and service members.

We know how important it is to have a sturdy glove with plenty of uses, which is why our team is excited to sell these Government-Issue Nomex Flight Gloves to our customers.

Product Features

These gloves have the following features:

  • They are standard Blackhawk aviation gloves

  • They are government-issue and ready for immediate usage

  • They are thermal resistant up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit

  • They resist wind shear

  • They have a secure grip

  • They have been tested exhaustively throughout the years

Nomex is a leading supplier of government-issued aviation equipment and gear. It is a trusted name in aviation, which is why Evolution Aviation Helmets is happy to supply its products on our online store.

The Benefits of Government-Issue Nomex Flight Gloves

Our high-quality gloves can help pilots fly comfortably, giving them a secure grip for effective flight control. Our team understands how important it is to supply pilots with high-quality aviation gear and gloves. 

For this reason, we work closely with distributors to ensure we supply quality, government-issue products for all of our customers.

These gloves have the following benefits:
  • They are standard issues and can see usage in many different circumstances

  • They allow pilots to multitask while rucking or flying

  • They give pilots the comfort necessary when on the flight deck

  • They can protect pilots from the elements

These government-issue gloves see a lot of usage in Blackhawks and other helicopters, which shows just how much contractors and service members trust this product. Government-issue gloves can help pilots best control their aircraft, especially at high altitudes when they need protection from the elements.

They let pilots fly more safely and efficiently by keeping their hands protected from the elements. They also provide exceptional dexterity, allowing pilots to feel what they're touching without taking their attention off flight instruments. Pilots can stay more focused on flight controls with these flight gloves, which keep them flying safer whether in the helicopter or rucking.

Lightweight Nomex flight gloves protect your hands while still providing you with increased sensitivity. This factor makes them perfect for all military and law enforcement professionals needing protection in a demanding environment like operating a helicopter in combat scenarios. These lightweight Nomex flight gloves come in black and small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Shop Government-Issue Gloves at Evolution Aviation Helmets

Are you seeking out government-issue gloves or protective equipment? Come to Evolution Helmets to find what you need. 

Our customer support team is the best because we strive to help everyone find what they need. Our proximity to Patrick Air Force base, the blooming defense contractor industry in Orlando, Florida, gives us an up-close view of changes in this highly competitive industry. 

Shop online or visit us at 274 West Drive in Melbourne, Florida. Call us at 321-821-4724. We also offer several other products and services.

We look forward to working with you to find the best Nomex flight gloves and assist you with any helmet services you require.

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