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Helicopter to GA Adapter
Helicopter to general aviation adapter

Helicopter to GA Adapter

Part Number: EVO-450
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P/N: PA-75

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Adapter, Helicopter to General aviation, also known as a one to two plug.  Are you a pilot looking for an easy solution to fly from Helicopter to General Aviation? Look no further than the Helicopter to GA Adapter! This adapter conveniently converts a U174U connector from your helicopter into two plugs for General Aviation, allowing you to make seamless transitions when flying. The robust and lightweight design makes it simple to install. It is also incredibly reliable, so you can rest assured that your connection will be secure while in flight. Plus, the integrated strain relief feature offers additional safety and ensures any sudden jolts won't damage the connection. The Helicopter to GA Adapter is perfect for pilots of all experience levels and flying distances. Whether you need a quick connection for an emergency or want to ensure your journey is comfortable and reliable, this adapter will take care of your needs. Get the most out of your Flying adventures with the durable, safe, and efficient Helicopter to GA aviation Adapter cable today!

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