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Low Profile NVG Battery Pack
Adams NVG Battery Pack

Low Profile NVG Battery Pack

Part Number: EVO-1028
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You count on your battery pack to power the parts of your helmet you need most. Whether you are counting on it to power your communication, or your night vision, your battery pack is responsible for maintaining your lifelines you will need in critical situations. You cannot afford to lose these senses, so you will need a low profile, yet sturdy and rugged battery pack to keep you going. The low profile ANVIS Battery Pack is specially designed for helmets with hook and loop attachments where it will be neatly placed. Its 13.5 inch cable length allows for discrete placement and housing of batteries to keep you going and keep you protected.

Low Profile ANVIS Battery Pack designed for helmets with Hook and Loop Attachment.  Uses 2 AA batteries per side with a stand by battery pack that is switchable with a toggle switch.

Light Weight, compatible with L-3, Nivisys and ITT NVG Goggles

***export License Required for overseas customers - Call for export License costs ***

With only a cable length of 13.5 inches, This low profile NVG battery pack mount provides a smooth, stable but also protective platform for the attachment of your NVG battery box to the back of your own helicopter helmet. With the help of this NVG Battery Pack, the mount is able to attach to the back of the helmet which eliminates the necessity for any hooks or pile fasteners that are quite messy. Although this specific battery pack is somewhat smaller in terms of  overall dimensions compared to the standard battery pack, it is still able to maintain a 3.8V power from the aircraft power converter thus proving its durability. In order for the installation to properly occur, it is recommended that holes are drilled onto the back of your helmet.

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