Need a Way to Protect Your Helmet? Check Out Our Pilot Gear Bags!

Need a Way to Protect Your Helmet? Check Out Our Flight Bags! 

If you have purchased any pilot helmet gear lately, you know how expensive a flight helmet and all of its accessories can get. Any individual part can easily cost hundreds of dollars, and when you put them all together, you can be holding thousands of dollars worth of equipment in your hands. Naturally, you want to protect this valuable investment, but what is the best way to do so? It's simple: skull caps and helmet bags. Let AVI Evolution Helmets guide you on how to make your flight helmet last with our flight bags.

You Need a Skull Cap 

A skull cap is an essential piece of kit for any pilot. It helps protect your head from bumps and scrapes and keeps your head cool and comfortable in hot weather. The skull cap also helps by keeping a barrier between your head and the helmet, so it doesn't become soiled with sweat and body oil. Skull caps are usually made from a lightweight material such as polyester or Lycra, which helps to wick away sweat. Check out our one-size-fits-all authentic Italian cotton skull cap from United Designs. 

Helmet Accessories 

You Need Flight helmets aren't just for protecting your head. A good helmet also serves as a platform for systems that make flight possible and safe. These include communications, hearing protection, and night vision accessories. 


Communications are crucial while in the air. You need them to contact air traffic control and other ground-based crews and the pilots of other aircraft in your airspace. This range includes everything from wind and noise covers and boom mics to impedance radios and your microphone. All of these components together can quickly run into hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, and unlike your helmet itself, these parts are relatively fragile.


Hearing Protection 

Also called CEP and CME kits, hearing protection is something that no pilot can go without. Aircraft engines are thunderous, so if you don't want to go deaf, then hearing protection is a must. For Evolution Helmets, that includes the Attenuating Custom Communications Earpiece System (ACCES). This modular earpiece/communications cord provides clear intelligibility while protecting your hearing. Evolution Helmets is one of the only authorized dealers for ACCES. 

Night Vision 

Whether you're flying a fixed-wing aircraft or a helicopter, night vision is an essential part of safe flying. There are many different types and brands of night vision goggles (NVGs) and only you know what's best for you. However, Evolution Helmets offers a wide selection of NVG accessories, including batteries, mounts, carrying cases, visor covers, quick-release pins, and finger and lip lights. Altogether, these parts can easily range into a price tag of thousands of dollars. 

The Flight Bag to Carry it All 

Your helmet is not only an expensive piece of kit, but it's also your lifeline when you're flying. So, it's important to make sure that it's stored properly when you're not using it. Even carrying your helmet in your arms exposes it to damage if it gets banged against a hard surface or dropped. That goes double for any parts affixed to the helmet, like microphones and night vision goggles. Helmet bags help to protect your helmet and its parts from dirt, dust, and scratches, as well as keep them clean and ready for use. 

Meet the Helicopter Helmet Heavy Duty Flight Bag 

The Helicopter Helmet Heavy Duty Bag is a 1,000 Cordura weight helmet bag with 1/4" padding and heavy-duty straps. This bag's 1,000-weight Cordura webbing wraps the entire bag, including its carrying handles for extra protection. Both sides of the bag are heavily padded, including three outside pockets, two inside pockets, a padded shoulder strap, two Velcro name tag placement locations, an ID panel, and paracord draw tags for a zipper closure. With the Helicopter Helmet Heavy Duty Flight Bag, you can rest assured that your helmet and all of its components are safe until you are ready to use them. 

Find All of These Parts and More at Evolution Helmets 

Evolution Helmets was made to celebrate and serve pilots like you. That's why we stock only the highest-quality gear for our customers. Don't carry your helmet in your arms and expose it to damage anymore. Get a Helicopter Helmet Heavy Duty Bag from Evolution Helmets today!