In 2014, Helicopter Helmets LLC unveiled the Evolution series of helmets to the aviation market in Las Vegas. The Evo series of helmets were designed with one goal in mind: to be the best flight helmets on the market. Since then, Evo Helmets have been the standard by which all other flight helmets are judged. They are light, comfortable, and have excellent sound quality. In addition, they incorporate innovative features that make them superior to other flight helmets on the market. 

Since its introduction, the Evolution series has been continually updated and now exceeds industry standards for chin strap strength and other safety features. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line flight helmet, look no further than Evo Helmets! 

Evo Helmets Cable System 

The EVO helicopter pilot helmets were the first to introduce a quick cable disconnect so that no more adapters were necessary. With an easy-to-use, single plug system for all your aircraft needs, there's never been an easier way to get into action fast! Evolution Helmets offers over 20 different cables made with Fisher plugs or Russian ZSH Plugs, depending on what you need. They are compatible across nearly every flying machine out there, too, because we make them ourselves using only high-quality materials.

 There are many different color options for your helmet that you can choose from at no extra cost!

Helicopter Helmet Visor System  

The helicopter pilot helmet can include one or two polycarbonates with a helicopter pilot helmet. The visor assembly will ensure:

  • The visor lens stays in place when positioned in an ultimately deployed state. 
  •  As mounted, the visor will provide the wearer with an unobstructed view of the aircraft instrumentation while ensuring glare cover for the view outside of the craft. 
  • The visor will be inspected to maintain compliance, ensuring that all parts are present and free from any faults that may affect the proper operation of the device. 

 Sound System  

 The sound attenuation system in the helmet is vital for the wearer. Usually, this is done through ear cups with headphones and comfortable pads so you can hear clearly while wearing them. These are placed within exterior sidewalls on either side, protecting from any noise causing interference during use, ensuring safe passage whether going up hillsides/ladders, etc. To ensure proper operation, each unit undergoes testing before distribution begins. 

Evolution Helmets Meet The Standards 

Our Helicopter Pilot Helmets have different features and are one of the best. Here are some reasons why: 

  • We meet the DOI/USFS Aviation Helmets Standard Specification  
  • Increase safety in the event of accidents or unexpected events 
  • Can include noise reduction technology 
  • Ensure added protection  

Evolution has taken its game up another level with a new line of protective equipment. O2 receivers are now available for those who need to fly higher, and EVO helmets have been trying hard in order not only to meet, furthermore to exceed all flying jobs' demands with just one helmet! 

BELL Helicopters is always looking for ways to improve their service and ensure that each pilot has the best equipment possible. For this test, they purchased several EVO Helmets with Dual Impedance (which allows pilots extra protection against noise), BOSE A20 helmets, and O2 receivers in a Platinum Matt finish. 

The helicopter pilot helmet can contain: 

  • A shield 
  • A lining 
  • A high-tech ear cup is perfect for any professional who needs to stay focused on their work. This includes optional edge protection, impact safety, noise attenuation features, and maintenance of the retaining network. 
  • Optional edge shielding is recommended if the edge of the shell where the user will touch is smooth. It is vital that the helicopter pilot helmet has a protective surface (shell) with continuous contour at all points on or above the test line. 

The helmets shall be inspected for any signs of defects that could affect the proper functioning. These should be examples of what you can expect if your needs come across any future tests or projects we work on together. Call us today at (321) 821-4724, so we can help guide you through all aspects of the purchasing process. 

Keep in mind our warranty does not cover any items that come in contact with the user's face, such as Edge Roll and Liner. 

Evolution Helmets wants to ensure that you have all of the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of purchasing one of our helmets. We are dedicated to providing you with the best-certified quality. You can contact us via our website or give our specialists a call at (321) 821- 4724 to answer any questions you may have.