History of Night Vision

Night vision devices are synonymous with military equipment in the modern era, but while this technology feels like old tech, its’ application is fairly recent. 

The use of night vision first started to take place back in World War II. Through a device that shone infrared light across the battlefield, units were able to utilize early night vision devices to see through the darkness. However, the infrared light devices were usually large and had to be driven in on trucks making them easy targets for opposing forces.

It wasn’t until Vietnam that night vision became something more mobile and able to be utilized by units in a little more practical way. This mobility was essential for the military forces dealing with guerilla warfare throughout Vietnam.

When the United States, in particular, utilized night vision the most were the Desert Storm military operations of the ’90s. One general stated it was their most significant tactical advantage throughout the operation.

When was Night Vision Invented?

The revolutionary technology behind night vision was first developed during the mid-20th century, with the first practical night vision devices being introduced by the German army as early as World War II. These initial models, rudimentary by today's standards, significantly enhanced soldiers' capabilities during nighttime operations. The technology has since evolved, leveraging advances in optics and infrared light to provide crisp, clear images in the darkest conditions, a far cry from its primitive beginnings. Modern Night Vision advancements have also allowed NVGs to be mounted and easily maneuvered allowing for a much more comfortable experience for the wearer.

Generations of Night Vision

Every new utilization of night vision is considered a generation, but the first generation is what the United States military used in the ’60s during the Vietnam War. That was the first time that night vision saw widespread use across the military and was considered viable. The earlier technology used in World War II is considered Generation 0.

Modern Night Vision

The current generation of night vision is “Generation 3+” due to its similarities to the technology created in the ’80s while still being an advancement. During the ’80s, night vision saw a breakthrough thanks to improved resolution and a more noticeable glow around targets at night. 

Then, in the 2000s, a second breakthrough occurred, allowing night vision technology to adapt to changes in light while reducing image noise. However, this clearer picture was considered an upgrade on the current specs, which is why the military considers it Generation 3+ and not Generation 4.

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