Do you need a lightweight helicopter helmet that is just right for you? Evolution Helmets has you covered with our team of helmet experts! Evolution Helmets is Brevard County's one-stop shop for Aviation Helmets and Ground Support Equipment. We provide five distinct versions of helmets, including the EVO series Flight Helmets: the lightweight EVO 052, the EVO 152, and the EVO 252.

The EVO Series

 The EVO series is our top-of-the-line collection of aviation helmets. The EVO 052 is a one-lens helmet with internal lenses that provide a low-profile design. The EVO 152 is also a single-lens model, but the lenses are positioned outside of the shell. This one is ideal for pilot and crew members who want a lightweight helmet with a visor cover for NVG operations. 

 Pilots and crew wearing large-frame eyeglasses should consider purchasing an EVO 152. You may go to our Evolution Helmets storefront to discover which helmet is best suited for you among our chopper helmets for sale. 

 Not sure about either the EVO 052 or 152? Then thankfully, there is the EVO 252! This helmet offers both internal and external lenses and is by far the most popular helmet sold. This helmet design goes back 30 years and is made by several companies. It is frequently sold as the SPH-5 by Gentex and its distributors. Our version is an improved design with many upgrades and accessories generally not offered by other companies.  

 We also offer the Legacy HPH. All of the legacy HPH helmets we sell here at Evolution Helmets are made with all-new parts, not surplus parts, as is the case with other companies. Additionally, we are licensed to offer the BOSE A20 and Lightspeed install kit for the SPH-5.

Mod Kits

 Currently, Lightspeed offers the Helmet Mod kit, which was developed by Helicopter Helmet, LLC, in collaboration with Lightspeed. What makes this offering so special is that we here at Evolution Helmets are one of only two companies that have the install kit for the HPH and SPH-5. That means we offer one of the best products in the entire industry! If you're looking for the proper way to install this kit, call us today at 321-821-4724.  

 We don't Velcro the kit into the helmet as some people do as a quick and ineffective long-term fix. That is called jury-rigging and is not an acceptable standard for military-grade equipment. If you are planning on doing a helmet mod installation on your helmet, call us to find the right kit. Installing a helmet mod with the wrong kit can render your helmet ineffective and cost you more in the long run.

Custom Flight Helmets

 If you need something more specific, custom flight helmets can provide an extra layer of head and facial protection, as well as aid in hearing protection from loud noises. 

 When purchasing a flight helmet, ensure it's for the aircraft you fly. For example, a fixed-wing flight helmet for an airplane or a rotary-wing flight helmet for a helicopter would be an appropriate choice. Each will fit with the avionics in each type of aircraft. Furthermore, ensure that the flight helmet has met the safety criteria requirements when conducting your choice. 

 Always inspect your flight helmet for serviceability before each flight. When you put the flight helmet on, ensure it is worn correctly and secure it to your head with all straps fastened. An extended visor on the flight helmet can protect your face from debris or a bird strike while you are flying. It is also wise to bring a backup headset in case your flight helmet's communication system fails during flight operations.

Maintaining the Advantages of our EVO Aviation Helmets

We take helicopter helmet safety very seriously here at Evolution Helmets. These precautions include:

  • Performing and carrying out all checks and examinations.  
  • Generating and maintaining sufficient evidence of conformity.  
  • Submitting helmets and supporting supplies that comply with the requirements. 
  • Following quality management techniques.

One or more of the following methods can be used to verify that the helmets comply with the requirements:

  • One or more of the following methods can be used to verify that the helmets comply with the requirements:
  • Inspection testing without the use of special test instruments or procedures. 
  • Analysis verification uses established technical or mathematical models, simulations, formulas, etc.
  • Demonstrations involving actual activity, modification, or reconfiguration.
  • Check testing that requires a detailed evaluation of the object under defined conditions.

Choose Evolution Aviation Helmets

 Whether it's time to buy your first flight helmet or replace your old, well-worn helmet, there is only one team of aviation helmet specialists that is up to the job. Evolution Aviation Helmets is an authorized dealer and leader in aviation helmets like our EVO series of aviation helmets. Our experts meticulously designed and crafted each and every one of our helmets for optimal safety, performance, longevity, and aesthetics.

 Once you've bought one of our first-class helmets, our team —equipped with years of experience— can service and work with any helmet model on the market today to keep them operating at peak functionality. Whatever your budget is, we will do our best to provide a price that works best for you. 

 You can reach us through our website's Contact Us page or simply give us a call at (321) 821-4724.

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