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Alpha Eagle Memory Foam Comfort Liner
Alpha eagle helmet comfort liner

Alpha Eagle Memory Foam Comfort Liner

Part Number: EVO-701
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Alpha Eagle comfort liner by Boxell Aerospace Company (P/N: BAC001)

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The Alpha Eagle Helicopter Helmet comfort liner is exclusively designed by Boxell Aerospace Company for Alpha helicopter helmets. Lets face it, without a liner your helmet hurts after a long flight. When the safety of you and your crew are at stake during a long flight, you will not want anything to compromise your focus. You will need a liner that will match the exact contour of your head, and your specific helmet. The Boxell liner is cut to fit the Alpha eagle's Unique shape, for a perfect match, everytime. The Alpha Eagle Memory Foam Comfort Liner is made of 3M memory foam,  the Boxell liner will conform to your unique head’s shape and stay that way to make for a more comfortable flying experience.

3M memory foam is the same material trusted to keep ear plugs comfortably molded to your ears, and safely in place. Using this same material, your comfort liner will not only match your face and your helmet, but remain that way for your whole journey for a safe and comfortable flying experience.

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