Choosing The Perfect EVO Helmet For You

Security & Requirements

A pilot wants safe safety from head injuries as his very first priority. Therefore, it is of the greatest priority to provide an EVO helicopter helmet that offers secure, strong protection. Confirm that the products being used to make the component before allowing the purchase of a helicopter helmet. Carbon goods that are lightweight and heavy duty will guarantee that your head is covered, thus enabling you to do your job as a pilot conveniently.

Custom Solutions

Since each head is special in size and form, an EVO helicopter helmet is not typically a one-size-fit device. The chance to pick from a range of different sizes is an indicator that you are picking a high-quality helmet made by a specialist manufacturer. Make sure you calculate your head diameter so you can match a helmet which is not too big or too small. An insufficient helmet may make you nervous and may even endanger your safety.

For several people in the aviation industry our EVO helmets are a crucial piece of equipment. It is important to pick the right helmet for your needs, since this gives you the ability to monitor both the amount of comfort and, most importantly, the security that will be given.

Communication Systems

Communication between the pilot, radio control, and any passenger should be a must, and this will place everyone at considerable risk without proper coordination. Offerings nowadays like the EVO Helmet are high-tech and include a variety of contact innovations. Most come with built-in speaker systems and Bluetooth functionality that are professionally equipped. Make sure you check the helmet out to see whether it's the best match for your flying needs, and consider checking for active noise canceling on the ear pieces. Noise reduction needs to be appropriate to ensure that you hear the messages coming in clearly.


You're probably spending a lot of time flying, making your EVO helmet's comfort level another consideration in your decision-making phase. It is frustrating to spend hours wearing a helmet that is too small, too open, too heavy, or maybe just plain uncomfortable and may also lead to safety dangers because of improper wearing. In order to easily take the helicopter helmet on and off, the padding of the helmet will make a significant difference in your comfort level. Some helmets also have foam designs that can be personalized so you can suit your helmet exactly as you want.